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Our team is dedicated to make FRONTBURNR an enjoyable place to hang out. One of the things we believe that will help make this a fun environment for everyone is running a ton of cool promotions every week. Here is a short recap of the recurring contests you will see in our community:


Weekly Community Giveaway:

@Kush – Our community lightning rod will be hosting a weekly game giveaway in our dedicated Contest Group. The user is chosen completely at random so anyone can win!

Daily Loyalty Surprise:

Everyday one person will be randomly chosen who participates during that given day within our community. How do you participate? It’s as easy as updating your profile or commenting on a story. Just interact, we want to get to know you! The winner will receive a $5 gift card to the retailer of their choice (must be able to purchase gift card online). Member must be a Level 2 BURNR to qualify. Limit 1 user account per person. Limit 1 gift card every three months per user.

BURNR Spotlight

@FRONTBURNR and @Dean – Yours truly along with featured writer Dean Stephenson will interview a community member bi-weekly who has shown great participation within the network. The selected user will be able to choose a future game on us and we will pre-order your most anticipated title for free!

Sponsor Contests:

These promotions do not have time frames and occur based on partnerships or opportunities that present themselves to help promote awareness for certain projects. For example, you can currently win an Xbox One as well as a PS4 by participating in our dedicated Group and following some very easy steps!

Post Contests/Giveaways:

As many of you already know, we like to help promote great offers, games and events in any way we can. By helping share the Toys ‘R’ Us Grand Theft Auto V offer for instance we provided one lucky winner our top 5 most anticipated games of the season, a $300 value! We will announce these types of promotions in our Contests and Giveaway Group but keep a look out on our main page for when they appear first!

Group Contests/Giveaways:

Our Groups act as social pages similar to other networks and we encourage and welcome other sites to create and run their own promotions for the community and their users. These are not sponsored by FRONTBURNR but everyone has an open door to come up with great ideas to encourage users to participate within their group. To create a group simply email [email protected] and we would be happy to set your page up.

We encourage anyone reading this to register here and join our new community. We curate amazing content, promote a respectful community and provide a platform for users to share and express their opinions to a much larger audience!

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