BURNR Spotlight: Sageridder

We are pleased to begin our bi-weekly spotlight for our featured members who have shown great interest and participation within our new community. We could not be happier with the exciting and awesome contributions from everyone that has helped make FRONTBURNR…a thing.
So without further adieu, let’s get to know the awesome that is Sageridder:


Question 1: What game would you like us to pre-order for you and why?

Dying Light! I love zombie games and the game-play looks fantastic.

Question 2: When did you first start gaming and what got you into it?

Late 70’s was a D&D geek and saw Zork 1 was hooked from there.

Question 3: How many hours a week do you typically play videogames?

I’m going to say around 20 or 25 on average, some weeks much more but some weeks not at all. Most weeks I manage to fit in some gaming even if at the sacrifice of sleep.

Question 4: What types of games do you like the most?

Cut my teeth on RPGs so they will always be a fav, love the whole survival horror and zombie genre. Big on FPS but mostly single player, golf, action adventure, And I still play a bunch of the oldies; Sega, Intellivision, NES at this point I think I’m still in the top 4 on Xbox Arcade in Space Armada.

Question 5: If you could bring one game back from retirement for a sequel or reboot what would it be?

Can’t go with just 1, Toe Jam & Earl needs a reboot, and Fallout of the Fallout 3 style.

Question 6: What is your most anticipated game (announced or not)?

Fallout 4

Question 7: What are your platform of choice?

Such a simple question, so hard to answer. I play more on the 360, but they would have to pry my backwards compatible PS3 or Sega systems out of my cold dead hands.

Question 8: Do you have any favorite games that hold a special place in your gamer heart?

ToeJam & Earl, Zork, Fallout 3 I literally sat there stunned when I let Dogmeat get killed my last save was 5-6 hours earlier, but most of all Astrosmash. As a kid my dad and I spent a whole summer playing for some sort of father and son high score contest, a very fond memory.

Question 9: How did you hear about FBR and how have you enjoyed it thus far?

Well I certainly enjoy the site and community that is evolving around it, many good folks here. I was a huge fan of everything Mr.Dean did with Kmartgamer both on CAG and Kmarts own website. I was the getting to know a real person, a gamer, instead of some corporate guy pretending to care about more than our dollars.

Question 10: If you were stranded on a tropical island and could only choose one game to play for the rest of your life what would it be?

This kind of question looks easier to answer than it is. Have to pick Fallout 3 but L4D would be a close second.

FRONTBURNR Note: Thank you Sageridder for allowing us to spotlight you and being a part of this community! Consider Dying Light yours!
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  2. Avatar of LosLos

    This is an awesome segment! I too look forward to meeting more community members.

    In the past few years I found I couldn’t mentally take games like L4D or Fallout 3 anymore. I hate zombies (they scare the crap out of me) and real world scenarios kind of freak me out.

    But before I got to that point, I did play Fallout 3. About 87 hours of it. To this day, it’s the most I played a single player game. I got lost in that world BIG time. Did every side mission and loved it all. Even though I couldn’t handle such a game now, I’m glad I was able to experience it when I did.

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